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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laying of a Cornerstone

Yesterday, 13 September 2008, I had the pleasure of traveling to a Cornerstone Laying and Lodge Dedication ceremony at a new Lodge hall located outside of my district. I am almost ashamed to say that it is the first I have been able to attend during my ten years as a Freemason.

My traveling partner, my Lodge’s Senior Warden, and I were both immensely impressed with the ceremonies, which were conducted in fine style by our Grand Master and the Grand Lodge officers. The famed, one hundred and seventy-three year old Lafayette Trowel was used in the Cornerstone Laying.

The event was well attended – so much so that my Senior Warden and I ended up eating outside of the Lodge hall for want of a place to sit in the dining room. I didn’t complain, however, since the chance to gather with so many Masons and to participate in the Grand procession was well worth the inconvenience of squatting on my haunches as I ate a fine meal prepared by our immediate Past Grand Master. It is not everyday that you find a Grand Master serving as the cook!

If you have never witnessed a Cornerstone Laying or a Lodge Dedication, I highly recommend that you look for the time to attend one. I should not have waited so long to see one for myself.

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