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Friday, August 21, 2009

Working without a Paycheck – Revisited

First, see Working without a Paycheck.

I had the pleasure of conducting – what we call in my Grand Jurisdiction – an official visit to a two hundred and fifty-three year old lodge last night that was conferring a Third Degree. This lodge has a proud history and its members obviously are fully cognizant of their lineage.

In one of the very few times since I started conducting official visits, I – a Grand Lodge officer – felt like the underdressed fellow in the lodge. I was in my standard coat and tie with my Grand Lodge regalia but I was surrounded by lodge officers wearing tuxedos and white gloves. It looked almost as though they had chosen a uniform for the entire officer corps. Despite looking like “country come to town,” I was greeted with wonderful hospitality and perfect respect for the position I occupy in the Grand Jurisdiction.

The full proficiency delivered by the Third Degree candidate was almost flawless and the degree work itself was superb. The care that the lodge takes in providing for quality experiences for their candidates was very evident. The presence of the candidate’s father and grandfather – both of whom had travelled great distances to attend – was the cherry on the top of my visit.

The pay continues to be so very good in this job.


Kevin Ennis said...

Thank you for your kind words. We enjoyed your visit and hope you come more often. Last night we held Special Communication and the officers appearance and proficiency was again nearly flawless.

The Palmetto Bug said...

It was truly my pleasure. As you know, I will have to catch the special communications due to the conflict with the regular communications.