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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Line Up to be the First to Read The Better Angels...

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Freemasonry in the American Civil War is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2010.

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with the author, Michael A. Halleran, for some time and - if my dealings with him are any indication at all - I am anticipating that The Better Angels of Our Nature will be a great read. Well-read Masons will recognize Halleran's name from the regular "Brother Brother" column in the Scottish Rite Journal and from his published work in Heredom. Halleran is the 2007 recipient of the Albert Gallatin Mackey Award for Excellence in Masonic Scholarship for his "The Better Angels of Our Nature: Masonic Courtesy and Relief in the American Civil War." Brother Halleran currently serves as the Assistant Editor of the Scottish Rite Research Society's The Plumbline.

A Facebook group with the same name as the book has been started where you can keep up with the author's pre-release speaking engagements and the progress toward release of the book.

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