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Sunday, November 21, 2010

American Lodge No. 98 – 150 Years

On 20 November 1860, American Lodge No. 98, A.F.M. of S.C., was chartered. Exactly one hundred and fifty years later on 20 November 2010, American Lodge No. 98 celebrated in fine style.

The event was marked by a Special Communication, an official visit by the Grand Master of Masons of South Carolina, and a double conferral of the Third Degree. Accompanying the Grand Master were the District Deputy Grand Master, a District Deputy Grand Master from a neighboring district, and four past Grand Lodge officers. There were also three sitting Masters of other lodges in the District in attendance. The roll of the charter members was read and, in spirit, all of those Brothers answered up.

The Master and officers of American Lodge No. 98 did a fine job of conferring the Degree in a solemn manner. As memorable as the Third Degree is to any Master Mason, American’s two newest Master Masons have two extra reasons to always remember their special day. In addition to it being on the one hundredth and fiftieth anniversary of their lodge, they were both raised by the Grand Master.

Following the Communication, all enjoyed a very good lunch with many ladies present and the Master’s talk on the history of his lodge – including American’s trials and tribulations during the waning days of the War Between the States when the lodge was burnt to the ground by William Tecumseh Sherman’s troops as his army marched from Savannah, Georgia, for Columbia, South Carolina. Commemorative coins had also been struck to mark the anniversary and were available to those in attendance.

It was a very good day for American Lodge and I am personally proud to have been able to be in attendance.

In photo: GM of Masons of SC, two new MMs, DDGM of SC's 4th District.

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Bear Ridge HOA said...

The event was special for all the reasons stated but I, as WM of the Lodge, was humbled at the number of visitors to the Lodge to help us celebrate. I am most appreciative to those brothers who gave of themselves to be with us. It was, indeed, a very special day.