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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Betrayed By A Mason? The Tragic Mission of Lt. Thomas Boyd

From Michael Karpovage, author of "Betrayed By A Mason? The Tragic Mission of Lt. Thomas Boyd.": "This article appeared in October 2010 issue of the The Plumbline, A Quarterly Bulletin of the Scottish Rite Research Society. Essentially it is an in-depth assessment of one of the most heinous torture deaths in the American Revolution, but from a Freemason perspective because of what happened between enemy Freemasons. It's an expos√© between the American scout Thomas Boyd, and his British adversaries Colonel John Butler and Chief Joseph Brant at the end of the famed Sullivan Expedition of 1779. It's one of those lost moments in history that I had heavily researched for my new mystery thriller novel Crown of Serpents. I'm hoping this article sheds further light on an extraordinary incident in both Masonic and military history between two nations in a most horrible time of war."

Go to this link to read the very interesting article: "Betrayed By A Mason? The Tragic Mission of Lt. Thomas Boyd."

See also: http://palmettomason.blogspot.com/2010/04/recommended-crown-of-serpents.html

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